About Us

RMP Story

RMP Coconut Products (Pvt) Ltd was established in the late 1970’s in Sri Lanka as a producer and distributor of high quality, organic, coconut based products. Since its inception, RMP Coconut has garnered extensive expertise and product knowledge in the industry, and is a today, a leading entity in its category in the market.

Not long after its inception, RMP Coconut was able to enter the international market and supply to many elite brands, consumers and industrial entities, many of whom are still our faithful clientele up to date.

As a part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our products, both by quality and value, RMP Coconut is keen on exploring new technology, and other proven methods. This is reflected in the wide variety of coconut products that we have introduced to the market for the past 40 years..

Our Philosophy

There is a strong identity associated with our brand, one that is synonymous with integrity, trust and sustainability. These values are ingrained in all the aspects of the business, and is built on the mission of providing consumers with high quality coconut based products.

As a part of our philosophy, we at RMP Coconut encompass ethical manufacturing procedures and strive to ensure healthy working and living condition for employees. As a commitment to our consumers, we take the extra mile to satisfy their dynamic needs, while ensuring safety, quality and value of all our products.

Today, after four decades of excellence in the industry, we enjoy a front seat in the market thanks to the effort of a formidable management board, staff members, and workers who have remained true to our philosophy.